One Touch Indexing Clamps

One-Touch Indexing Clamps are quick fasteners with precise locating for position adjustment by sliding or rotation. Tapered surface contact provides +/- 0.05 repeatability. ON/OFF marking and click eliminate human error. Quick and easy clamping by turning the handle slashes workpiece setup time and spiral cam mechanism provides high clamping force.


Quick Clamping

Just a quarter turn of the knob for easy operation.

Tapered Surface Locating

No clearance by tapered surface contact. Locating Repeatability: +/- 0.05.



High Clamping Force & Allowable Axial Load

170N clamping force by the original cam locking mechanism. No displacement by axial load.


Visible Safety

The knob clicks when clamping (ON). The red indicator shows when unclamping (OFF).

Additional Feature

Flanged Style or Threaded Style


Flanged Style

  • Mount from the back side of the body.
  • The knob position can be set at the desired place.

Threaded Style

  • Only a tapped hole is required for mounting.


Without Spring Pressure or With Spring Pressure


Without Spring Pressure

  • Turn the knob when the tapered bushing and tapered pin are aligned.

With Spring Pressure

  • The tapered pin is pushed out by spring pressure when the tapered bushing and tapered pin are aligned (OFF-MID).
  • Turn the knob for clamping (MID-ON).


Application Example


Locating and clamping for sliding plate.


Locating and clamping for rotating unit.



Locating and clamping for suction arms.


Locating and clamping for rotating pallet.


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