Manual Version


More Efficient Than Conventional Method

As the handle is turned down, it pushes the locking block toward the shaft for clamping. When the handle is released, the flat spring allows the locking block to be returned to the original position.

Feature 1. Simple Handle Operation without Any Tools


Simple vertical handle motion is perfect for applications where position adjustments are often made.

For locking, the handle is turned down as directed by an arrow mark on the side. For releasing, the handle is turned up in the counter direction.


Neither setscrews nor adjustable handles are needed. No tools are needed for handle operation.

Feature 2. Compact-Designed & Space-Saving


Imao Method
No space needed for the handle to swing.


Conventional Method
Some space needed for the handle to swing.


Compact size for installation even in small space. Proper Shaft Diameter(mm) : 10 12 14 15 16 20

Feature 3. Different Mounting Capability


Both front and back faces can be used for mounting. The tapped holes on the 2 sides allows for versatile mounting.

Application Examples


Pneumatic Version


Clamping by spring pressure

Unclamping by air pressure

Supplying air allows compressing the spring to get the shaft unlocked. Releasing the air allows getting the spring to work to lock the shaft.

Feature 1. Simultaneous Multi-Clamping Capability

Connecting air plumbing to multiple quick shaft-locking clamps installed allows doing clamping/unclamping in one operation. Perfect for use on machines where many clamping/unclamping cycles are run, or for multi-clamping applications.

Feature 2. Remote-Operation Capability

With air supply, remote operation can be done or installation is possible at places out of reach. Can be also installed at invisible places like the backside of machines, for maintenance of machines' appearance.


Feature 3. Positive Clamping

The mechanism of spring-pressure clamping and air-pressure unclamping prevents shaft-locking force from getting lowered. With clamping automization, any operator can do uniform clamping.

Feature 4. Space-Saving

No need of larger installation space than the body size(no handle-operating space needed).

Shaft Locking Clamp (QCSPL)

Positively lock a shaft quickly without the use of tools. Plastic.

Shaft Locking Clamp (QSC)

Positively lock a shaft quickly without the use of tools. Die-cast zinc.