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Adjustable torque handles provide tightening with steady torque to prevent overtightening.


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Torque Limiting Solutions

Adjustable Torque Handles

Use when...

Tightening force depends on the operator. Applying too much force causes damage and too little torque causes rattling.


The handle clicks to indicate completed tightening.

Use when...

Recognizing the desired torque is impossible.


The handle position is adjustable.

Use when…

Turning the handle in a confined space is difficult.


When the handle is lifted, the teeth disengage from the locking element to adjust the handle position.

How To Set Torque

1. Loosen the locking screw by inserting a hex. Wrench into the underside of the body.


2. Adjust the torque by turning the torque-adjusting screw in the side of the body.


3. Measure the torque with a torque wrench.

Connect a torque wrench to the Adjustable-Torque Handle. Apply a load in the tightening direction, and fine adjust the depth of torque-adjusting screw to reach the desired torque when the handle clicks.


4. When the desired torque is reached, tighten the locking screw.






Torque Limiting Knobs


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Common Problem

Conventional Method


Over or under tightening of screw.



Can not tighten at a stable torque.


IMAO Fixtureworks' Solution


With the help of sound and touch of a click, the tightening end point is easy to recognize!



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Torque Limiting Handles

Adjustable torque, steel


Torque Limiting Knobs

Plastic knob, orange or black