Solutions for Precision Workholding & Fixturing

Workholding & Fixturing

For precise workholding and fixturing, choose from a wide array of locators, clamps, vises, innovative grippers and innovative clamping systems. Achieve precise low-profile clamping with TG GripSert inserts, for use on Fixtureworks' 5-axis vises. A wide range clamping options are available, including the 5-axis modular pull clamp system and many more specialty clamps and locators.



5-Axis Modular Pull Clamp System

Modular Pull Clamp System


Completely modular, this versatile clamping system allows easy height adjustment by coupling the modules. Ideal for 5-axis machining.


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Quick Change Flex Clamping Locators

Quick Change Flex Clamping Locators


Locate + fasten in one operation — without tools.


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Swing Clamps

Swing Clamps


Swing into position and provide a downward force to the workholding application. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet your clamping needs.


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Centering & 5 Axis Vises

Centering & 5 Axis Vises


The TriMax G and TriMax S vises are designed for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations.


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SpeedLoc Locator System

SpeedLoc Locator System


The system is made up of precision locators, receivers, and liner bushings. Designed to solve the common difficulties associated with precision attachment and removal of fixtures, fixture plates, and accessories. This unique system alleviates the prying, pounding, and/or use of jack screws of associated methods


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Pneumatic Clamping Locators

Pneumatic Clamping Locators


Pneumatic quick locating and clamping eliminates set up time in frequent changeover of fixtures, plates and toolings on automation machinery. These Air Flex locators/receivers provide quick change of fixture or tool within 0.003 mm repeat accuracy.


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Line up

Air Flex Light Locators (AMWF)

Port or Direct type pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Light Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-L-S series pneumatic locator pin.

Air Flex Locators (AMWF-W)

Straight or tapered pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-W series pneumatic locator pin.

Blind Style Locators (CP720)

Flex locator system.

Compact Hook Clamps (BJ132)

Compact hook clamps, flanged holder, cylindrical holder.

Double Pull Clamp Modules (CP151)

Used with CP155 and CP156 clamping screws.

Flanged Pull Clamp Modules (CP150)

Used with CP155 clamping screws.

G Series Vises

Jaw include TG GripSerts workholding grippers

Hex Flex Locators (CP730)

Tapered or straight.

Mini Swing Clamps with Adjustable Handle (QLSWC-K)

Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

Mini Swing Clamps with Cam Handle (QLSWC)

Black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Mini Swing Clamps with Standard Handle (QLSWC)

Black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Mini Torque Control Swing Clamps (QLSWC)

Torque wrench or removable handle activates clamping.

Quarter Turn Flex Locators (CP723)

Stainless knob and pin, steel body.

Recessed Mount Hook Clamps (BJ130)

Used with hook clamp holder or installed in blocks.

S Series Vises

Equipped Premium TG GripSert jaws with TG-STD inserts (for steel).

Single Pull Clamp Modules (CP152)

Used to locate and clamp a workpiece in conjunction with CP155 clamping screws.

SpeedLoc Bolt-in Receivers (MPAR)

SpeedLoc system receiver.

SpeedLoc Flush Mount Locators (MPAS)

SpeedLoc system locator.

SpeedLoc Standard Locators (MPAS)

SpeedLoc system locator.

SpeedLoc Thread-in Receivers (MPAR)

SpeedLoc system receiver.

Spiral Acting Swing Clamps (PTSW2)

Torque wrench or removable handle activates clamping. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

Standard Swing Clamps (QLSW)

One-Touch standard duty clamp. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.