Optimize space for dense workholding.



Clamp multiple workpieces in a single operation for greater efficiency.



It makes sense to increase productivity with a relatively small investment.

easy to use


It's easy for operators to load and unload workpieces.




Wedge Clamps

Wedge clamps


Low-profile wedge clamps expand evenly and apply balanced workholding pressure to the workpiece.



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Side Clamps

side clamps


Side clamps are designed to apply workholding forces to the side of a workpiece, leaving the top free of obstructions during the machining process.


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Toe Clamps

toe clamps


Low-profile clamping surface. The clamp moves downward and forward as it is engaged.



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ID Clamps

ID clamps


Designed to clamp onto the ID of oddly shaped workpieces.


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Cam Clamps

cam clamps


These spiral cam clamps offer a low-profile design and high holding forces.


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Cam Edge Clamps

cam clamps


A cam forces the jaws forward for fast and secure workholding.


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Line up

Ball Socket Head Screws

Round or flat contact surface.

Cam Clamps (BJ161)

Positive locking side clamp.

Cam Push Clamps (QLCP)

Steel body and handle.

Cam Side Clamps (QLSCL)

With or without handle.

Compact Pit Bull Clamps

Knife edge or blunt edge.

Compact Side Clamps (CP133, CP134)

Toe or side type clamp.

Compact Spiral Cam Clamps (CP135)

With or without clamping plate.

Compact Toe Clamps

Cam clamp. Positive down force while using very little space on a fixture.

Compact Wedge Clamps (CP132)

Clamps two workpieces against fixed stops. Countersunk head screw or socket head cap screw.

Custom Cam Clamps

Cam System G clamp used with a custom fixed block.

Dyna Force Clamps

Clamp jaws advance on an angle for positive down-force.

Edge Cam Clamps (QLSCH)

Steel handle, body and jaw.

Hex Cam Clamps

Hardened steel socket head cap screw. Offset head and brass hex washer.

Knife Edge Clamps

Low profile cam clamp.

Kopal Clamps

Swivel stop, raised stop, low profile or mini cam clamp.

Low Profile Compact Toe Clamps (CP104)

Jaw moves forward and downward as the clamp is tightened.

Low Profile Pit Bull Clamps

Steel or brass with blunt or knife edge.

Low profile Rear Mount Toe Clamps (CP106)

High holding power and low profile.

Low Profile T-Slot Cam Clamps

Brass hex, steel body. Locks into machine T-slot.

Machinable Fixture Clamps

Hold round or irregularly shaped workpieces directly to a fixture plate or stop.

Machinable Pit Bull Clamps

Heat treated tool steel.

Machinable Uniforce Clamps

Hold two parts with equilateral clamping action.

Push Block Clamps

Use push block clamp with V-pad to clamp round workpieces.

Serrated Adaptors for Toe Clamps (BJ500)

Used to raise height and firmly position BJ101 and BJ102 toe clamps.

Single Jaw Side Clamps (CP101)

For smaller clamping spaces.

Slotted Pit Bull Clamps

Used on work cubes and machine tables for tapped holes or T-slot configurations.

System S Cam Clamps

Complete cam system set. Separate components available.

System T Cam Clamps

Complete cam system set. Separate components available.

Uniforce Clamps

Steel wedge spreads clamping force uniformly on both sides.

VF Wedge Clamps

Smooth, serrated or machinable jaws.

Wide Jaw Side Clamps (CP102)

1.5 degrees jaw swivel from center to allow for clamping on uneven surfaces.