Quick and easy fastening! Turn a knob or press a button to secure. No time wasted tightening nuts and bolts.



The robust cam Locking and ball locking mechanisms are designed for industrial applications.



Quarter turn fasteners clearly marked with ON and OFF positions. Ball lock fasteners are positive locking - the user must push the button to release.

no tools


Lock and unlock with no additional tools.



Quarter-Turn Clamping Fasteners

Quarter Turn Clamping Fasteners


Designed to provide quick and easy locking and unlocking for fixture plates.


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Quick Change Flex Clamping Locators

Clamping Locators


Locate + fasten in one operation — without tools.


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Line up

Ball Locking Receptacles (QCBU)

Steel or stainless steel.

Ball-Lock Clamping Pins (QCBA)

Used with QCBA receptacles.

Ball-Lock Clamping Receptacles (QCBA)

Used with QCBA clamping pin.

Blind Style Locators (CP720)

Flex locator system.

Clamping Pins for Pin Holding Fasteners (QCPC)

Stainless steel. Used with snap-in and pin holding fasteners.

Heavy Duty Quarter Turn Receptacles (QCTHS)

Used with QCTHS heavy duty fasteners.

Hex Flex Locators (CP730)

Tapered or straight.

Magnet-Lock Receptacles (QCMA)

Used with QCMA magnetic pins.

Quarter Turn Fasteners with Internal Hex (QCTHH)

Stainless steel body, steel shank.

Quarter Turn Fasteners with Knob (QCTH)

Plastic or stainless steel knob. Steel or stainless steel shank.

Quarter Turn Flex Locators (CP723)

Stainless knob and pin, steel body.

Quarter Turn Knob Locking Fasteners (QCWE)

Plastic or stainless knob. Steel or stainless steel shank.

Quarter Turn Pin Holding Fasteners (QCPC)

Plastic or stainless steel knob. Stainless steel or nickel-plated body.