Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Low profile, internal hex head

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One Touch Fasteners - Quarter-Turn - Low Profile - Internal Hex (QCTHH)
One Touch Fasteners - Quarter-Turn - Low Profile - Internal Hex (QCTHH)

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Provide positive locking in quick change applications where there is frequent insertion and removal of a fastener. They allow for consistent fastening force, eliminating the chance for under or over tightening by the operator. They are designed to be used with the cam receptacles referenced on the table. The fastener is mounted to the fixture and the receptacle is mounted to the base. As the fastener is inserted into the receptacle, the pins on the fastener align with the grooves in the receptacle. The spring in the fastener allow for a range of fixture thicknesses. Using a hex driver to make a quarter turns aligns and locks the fastener into place. The fasteners are marked with “ON” and “OFF” indicators to show the position of the fastening pins. They can be used with locating pins to provide highly accurate positioning. The body is made from stainless steel with an electroless nickel plating finish. The shank is made from steel with an electroless nickel plate finish. The pins are made from stainless steel. The knob is made stainless steel. Three socket head cap screws for mounting are included (M3X0.5 - 6mm long or M2X0.4 - 5mm long). The receptacles are available in two mounting styles – thin plate and embedded.


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