One Touch Sliding Locks for Slide Adjustments

conventional lock method sliding lock method


Quick locks for sliding adjustment. One-Touch Sliding Locks slash setup time in a wide variety of applications.


Quick Locks for Slide Adjustment Product Video


One-Touch Sliding Lock Features

On-Off easy read

Highly Visible

Easy-to-read ON/OFF position.

knob clicks

Leveling of Operation

The knob clicks when it is locked/unlocked.

secure locking

Secure Locking

Secure locking with wedge structure.


Application Example - Sliding Locks in Manufacturing Uses

conveyer example

For adjusting conveyer guide.

camera position example

For adjusting camera position.


opener position

For adjusting opener position.

workpiece adjustment

For adjusting workpiece guide.


stamping rest position

For adjusting stamping rest position.

vacuum pad position

For adjusting vacuum pad position


tight space example

For adjusting camera and nozzle positions in tight space.

sensor position example

For adjustment of sensor position.


Line up


Sliding Locks

Square bar, plastic knob or stainless handle


Sliding Locks

Slotted hole, plastic or stainless knob