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Slotted hole, plastic or stainless knob

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One Touch Fasteners - Sliding Locks - Slotted Hole (QCSL)
One Touch Fasteners - Sliding Locks - Slotted Hole (QCSL)

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The sliding lock travels in a slotted hole and locks in place with a quarter turn of the knob. If the lock is mounted to a plate or table surface, the user can lock a slotted metal bar or plate at varying distances. Alternately, the lock can be attached to a plate or another object below a slotted bar to be locked into position anywhere along the slot travel. The knob is locked in the ON position and unlocked in the OFF position. The locking mechanism consists of a wedge that forces a shaft against the plate surface. The rated load is up to 112 lbs. The body is made from die cast zinc with a plated chrome finish. The knob is made from either orange or black glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. The shaft/wedge is made from stainless steel, and the plunger is made from polyacetal. For the slotted steel bar, use JIS H14 grade flat bar made from SS400, 1045, 304, etc. The bar should be at least 30 mm wide. The slot width is 10 mm (+0.2/0) with a chamfer of about C0.3. The thickness of the bar is indicated on the grid.


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