Quick Release Clamps and Ball Lock Fasteners

Quick Clamp Fasteners


For a wide range of applications in fastening, locating, and alignment. Designed for quick changeover applications and frequent disassembly. These fasteners will help increase productivity by reducing set up times, eliminating errors in assembly and installation, and simplifying procedures.

Quick & Easy Locking, Secure Clamping

Secure clamping with cam-locking and ball-locking mechanisms, no tools needed! Simply give the knob a quarter turn or release the button to lock the fastener.





Types of Quick Release Clamps and Ball Lock Fasteners


Quarter-Turn Clamps

  • High clamping force
  • ON/OFF indicator for safety
  • Plastic or stainless knob
  • Full stainless available
  • Series QCTH
fastener clamp
fastener applications


Quick Release Ball-locking Pins

  • Secure locking upon releasing button
  • Variety of sizes and handle styles
  • 17-4 stainless, 300 stainless, or 4130 steel shanks
  • Full stainless available
  • Various series
ball locking pins
ball locking pins application


Shaft Coupling Clamps

  • Multipurpose coupling element
  • Easy to clamp/unclamp by turning 90 degrees
  • Series QCSJ
shaft coupling clamp
shaft clamp application



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