Pneumatic Zero Point Clamping System Product Video


Pneumatic Clamping Locator Features


Quick Changeover

  • Positioning and clamping in a single operation.
  • Increases machine running time.


Perfect Repeatability

0.003 mm by tapered surface locating, +/- 0.01 mm by cylindrical surface locating.



High Clamping Force with Compact Body

Max. 6300 N by mechanical spring force and pneumatic force.



Our Line Up of Pneumatic Clamping Locators

Air Flex Light Locators (AMWF)

Port or Direct type pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Light Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-L-S series pneumatic locator pin.

Air Flex Locators (AMWF-W)

Straight or tapered pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-W series pneumatic locator pin.