Adjustable Grippers

Accugrip, round head, carbide tipped

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Adjustable Grippers - AccuGrip - Carbide Tipped - Inch (ACG)
Adjustable Grippers - AccuGrip - Carbide Tipped - Inch (ACG)

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The Accugrip grippers are designed to fit into chuck jaws and allow the user to adjust the concentricity within the jaws. The complete Accugrip assembly consists of three components: Adjustable Gripper, Housing and Lock Screw. The housing is installed into the chuck jaws after the gripper assembly has been installed into the housing. The gripper assembly can be replaced when worn. The housing, gripper body and lock screw are made from heat-treated alloy steel. The gripper assembly is available with either a flat or serrated carbide tipped pad. The serrated grippers have fine serrations.


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