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ID Expansion Clamps - Form Holding - Inch - Fixtureworks
ID Expansion Clamps - Form Holding - Inch - Fixtureworks

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These low profile ID expansion clamps are an ideal way to hold multiple parts on an inside diameter for multiple machining on a vertical or horizontal machining center. Ideal for secondary operations on lathe parts, and for palletized setups. ID Expansion clamps can hold internal diameters from under 3/16” to over 10”. User can machine the mild steel clamp to match the bore of the part ensuring proper fit. The clamps can be quickly tightened with a hex key or can be mated to hydraulic pull cylinders for automation. The clamp is made from 12L14 steel with black oxide coating. MB-31550 clamp is made from 7075-T6 aluminum. The clamp screw is heat treated. Mounting screws are included.

*T1 - (3) Mounting Screws included. (4) Mounting Screws included with 31500 and 31550.
**D2 - Minimum diameter the "D1" dimension can be machined or turned down to.

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