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Lateral Spring Positioners

Steel or stainless steel

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Lateral Positioning Pins - Steel or Stainless
Lateral Positioning Pins - Steel or Stainless

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These spring-loaded positioning pins can be used to secure parts into locators or snap parts into place before the primary clamping is actuated. The ball lock system simplifies pin installation and eliminates the need for special tools. Simply place the pin in a mounting hole and tighten the screw to quickly and easily lock it in place. Adjustable pivot design allows the pin to adjust up to 11 degrees. Eccentricity of pin allows flexibility in locating parts with large tolerances and creates a range of adjustability. Different types of replaceable tips are available (sold separately) to customize your position pins for specific applications. Made from heat-treated steel with a clear nitride finish or non-hardened 300 series stainless steel.

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