Clamp Bars

Use on QLRC/QLRCF thrust clamps

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Thrust Clamps - One -Touch - Clamping Bar (QLRCS)
Thrust Clamps - One -Touch - Clamping Bar (QLRCS)

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These clamping bars are used with thrust clamps. The clamping bar has a tapped end so it can be fit with a custom tip. The clamping bar can be cut shorter to meet the users need. If the user is making a custom clamping bar, it is recommended the outside diameter is finished to an h9 or better tolerance to insure proper fit. The bar is made from 1045 alloy steel with chrome plating. The handle is black plastic. For the QLRC-08 clamps, use the 8 mm clamping bar, for the QLRC-12 clamps, use the 12 mm clamping bar.


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