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Toggle Clamps

Vertical, flat base, steel or stainless body, with or w/o safety lock

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Toggle Clamps - Vertical w/ Flat Base - Standard
Toggle Clamps - Vertical w/ Flat Base - Standard

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Kipp toggle clamps offer a high quality, durable alternative to standard toggle clamps. The non-slip ergonomic handle allows for easy and comfortable use with smooth edges to prevent snagging. These clamps feature high quality bushings that won’t score and are designed to withstand over 300,000 cycles. They also offer a stop pin that can be moved to vary the handle and clamping opening to best meet your application needs. They operate very smoothly without slop or play during clamping and unclamping while providing constant operating forces. Their attractive appearance provides a high quality look to finished products. The handle is made from high quality polyamide. The clamp element is nitro-carburized with a non-reflective black oxide finish.


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