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Toggle Clamps

Miniature, retractable, adjustable handle

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Retractable Clamps - One-Touch Miniature - Adjustable Handle (QLRE)
Retractable Clamps - One-Touch Miniature - Adjustable Handle (QLRE)

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These miniature rocker clamps pivot completely away from the workpiece for easy loading and unloading. The clamp moves forward and downward into position and clamps straight down onto the workpiece for direct downward pressure. The adjustable handle is then tightened to apply clamping pressure and allows for longer clamping stroke and greater clamping force. These clamps are ideal for repetitive accurate clamping operations. They come with a contact bolt that can be reversed for finished or rough workpiece surfaces. Mounts from the top with two mounting holes. The body and spindle are made from 1045 alloy steel. The arm and joint are made from 4135alloy steel. Parts are heat treated with a black oxide finish. The adjustable handle is made from cast zinc.


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