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Hold down clamp, miniature, steel or stainless

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Snap Clamps - One-Touch Miniature Hold Down - Stainless Steel (QLSNDM)
Snap Clamps - One-Touch Miniature Hold Down - Stainless Steel (QLSNDM)

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These snap clamps use a unique snap-on system to provide uniform and positive clamping in one smooth operation. As the handle is moved upward, the internal mechanism works to build tension. At a specified point, the tension is released and transformed into clamping force. This allows uniform clamping force with every cycle. The one piece body offers excellent durability and will not become weak or unstable after repeated use like traditional toggle clamps. They are ideal for small part clamping and where space is limited. They are designed for fingertip handle operation. Urethane tip style spindles are available. The body and clamping arm made from 300 stainless steel. The stainless provides corrosion resistance in hostile environments. The stated clamping forces and handle operating loads can vary by +/-20%.When the reaction force exceeds the stated clamping force, the clamp will release.


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