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Spring-loaded, right or left

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Spring Swing Clamps - Spring Loaded (QLSWC)
Spring Swing Clamps - Spring Loaded (QLSWC)

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These swing clamps swing into position and clamp straight down onto the workpiece for direct downward pressure. Turn the handle after the arm swings into position, the cam shaft rotates along the guide pin to push down the arm. The clamping spindle contacts the workpiece and the cam shaft moves up and compresses the spring to clamp the workpiece. Spring-loaded, these clamps generate constant clamping force and prevent workpiece damage due to overtightening. The handle makes clicking sound at the clamping end point. The arm swings completely out of the way to allow for easy loading and unloading of the workpiece. Part numbers ending with R have a clockwise clamping direction, part numbers ending in L have a counter clockwise clamping direction. Ideal for delicate workpieces and for applications with height limitations. Mounts from the top with two mounting holes. The body is made from electroless-nickel plated 1045 steel, quenched and tempered. The handle is made from orange polyamide. The spindle is made from brass.


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