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TriMax G Series Vises
TriMax G Series Vises

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Designed for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations. Machine on five sides with just one clamping operation. The TriMax G series vise is designed for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations. Its compact design allows the user to machine on five sides with just one clamping operation. This vise can hold blank, machined, round and irregularly shaped workpieces. It provides excellent dimensional stability, rigidity and durability for maximum cutting force and long life. With its expanding screw feature, workpieces can be clamped at capacities up to 7.87” (200 mm) with one set up with a clamping force up to 8,900 lbs.

Unlike traditional vises the TriMax G clamps workpieces by means of traction clamping. The vise has one fixed jaw and one moving jaw that moves on hardened and ground shafts, allowing for quicker and more accurate positioning. Multiple vises can be used together to hold larger workpieces. TriMax G vises can be mounted on a T-slot or grid machine table as well as customer fixtures.

TriMax G vise jaws are equipped with TG GripSert workholding grippers, ideal for 5-axis machining. Due to the unique geometry of the grippers and jaws, TG GripSerts create a pull down effect that prevents any lifting of the workpiece while clamping. Included with the TriMax G vises are TG GripSert grippers for steel workpieces (TG-STD), a wrench and a pair of 18 mm positioning keys.

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