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M Series

Machinist Vises

150mm or 200mm width

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TriMax M Series Vises - Standard
TriMax M Series Vises - Standard

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TriMax M vises with standard base lengths ranging from 415 mm to 670 mm. TriMax M is a modular clamping system that provides a maximum number of workholding combinations and solutions with minimal investment in equipment. Its design allows for quick and easy repositioning, adjustments and "Snap-in" accessory equipment changes. Clamping capacity (up to 400 mm for Standard M vises) varies depending on the length of the base you choose. Jaws sets for TriMax M vises are available in widths of 150 mm (M150) or 200 mm (M200). Vise components are made from steel profiles for optimal performance. Wear surfaces are treated to achieve a surface hardness of HRc 50/60. All non-ground surfaces are burnished for protection against corrosion. Vise sets include slideways (both floating and rigid), wrench, workstop with screw and washers, pair of 18 mm positioning keys, pair of 12 mm parallels and a pair of smooth surface jaws.

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