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Form Holding Clamps

OD holding

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OD Holding Clamps - Standard Clamping Unit (CP120)
OD Holding Clamps - Standard Clamping Unit (CP120)

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These OD clamps allow for holding on the circumference of the workpiece. The four part aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit the part. These clamps allow for part repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm and jaw locating repeatability of +/-0.02. The clamping stroke of each jaw is .15 mm. The body is made from 1045 alloy steel. The shaft and locking screw are made from 4135alloy steel – hardened with a black oxide finish. The part numbers include the clamps, jaws, locking ring, diamond pin and socket head cap screw. Additional sets of jaws can be purchased separately.


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