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Side Clamps

Wedge type, smooth, serrated or machinable

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Wedge Clamps - Smooth & Serrated - Fixtureworks
Wedge Clamps - Smooth & Serrated - Fixtureworks

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Vise Force low-profile wedge clamps provide a fast and flexible workholding solution and are ideal for clamping multiple workpieces. The internal return spring design prevents chip buildup and allows for a closer placement of multiple clamps. These low profile clamps expand evenly on a horizontal plane as they are tightened down. They thrust the workpiece against a stop and prevent movement on the fastening base. The clamps are tightened with one 5/16-18 SHCS making them ideal for quick set up and part changing. Smooth, serrated and machinable jaws are available. Machinable jaws are soft and oversized for custom machining the jaws to your application.


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