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The tapered design provides efficient locating. The movable tapered receiver bushings allow precise dual contact with easy processing of mounting holes.


The compact tapered pins and tapered receiver bushings reduce wasted space.

Excellent Repeatability

Provides the locating repeatability at 10µm or less with low cost.



Quick Change Flex Clamping Locators

Flex Locators


Locate + fasten in one operation — without tools.


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Line up

Air Flex Light Locators (AMWF)

Port or Direct type pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Light Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-L-S series pneumatic locator pin.

Air Flex Locators (AMWF-W)

Straight or tapered pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-W series pneumatic locator pin.

Blind Style Locators (CP720)

Flex locator system.

Hex Flex Locators (CP730)

Tapered or straight.

Quarter Turn Flex Locators (CP723)

Stainless knob and pin, steel body.