Fairlane Products

Workholding Clamps & Locators

Fairlane Products


Fairlane Products produces the largest assortment of workholding gripper inserts and positioning components available, including self-alligning grippers, positioners and thrust screws. These grippers and positioning components are designed to be used as a replaceable wear surface which can extend the life of expensive jigs, fixtures, jaws, clamping mechanisms, and clamping applications.


Fairlane Products also produces a line of rollers and bumpers in neoprene, polyurethane and nitrile which are designed to guard, guide, align and protect in both the manufacturing process as well as for use on end products. There are over 2,000 various configurations of shapes, sizes, materials and mounting options.


In addition, Fairlane Products manufacturers a full line of quick release ball lock pins and ball lock pin accessories. These pins have a wide range of uses for both fastening and locating operations. The pins are available with eight different handle configurations and in three different shank materials.


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