Workholding Clamps & Locators



Imao is a leading manufacturer in Japan. All of their quality products are proven to provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability along with ease of setup and operation. Their products offer the user a complete system for positioning, locating and manual clamping in many applications ranging from machining to inspection. They are an ideal alternative to traditional set up and clamping devices.


One of Imao’s most unique products is their "One-Touch Clamps” – which provide quick and easy clamping solutions. The "One-Touch Clamp” line is designed to hold parts that are irregular in shape or where there are slight variances in part sizes. These clamps are offered in several different clamping configurations and styles, such as:


Other highlights of Imao’s product lines include modular fixturing devices as well as a host of other unique clamps, stops, locators, and supports.


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