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Workholding Clamps & Locators

Modern Industries - Workholding & Fixturing Manufacturer


Modern Industries is a leading innovator of workholding and fixturing components, focusing on the development of more efficient, faster, and lower operating cost methods for a wide range of machining and manufacturing applications. Their mPowerâ„¢ line of products are designed to increase productivity while reducing costs. These products include their SpeedLoc precision locating and mounting system, the ModLoc modular tooling columns and plates, and a line of heavy duty work supports.


The SpeedLoc precision locating and mounting system is designed as a more efficient and effective alternative for the attachment and removal of fixtures, fixture plates, and accessories. Thanks to the quick-install and self-extracting features of this system, changes to fixturing set-ups can be accomplished quickly and accurately. SpeedLoc components include precision locators, receivers, and liner bushings.


The ModLoc modular tooling column system is engineered as an alternative to traditional cast and fabricated columns. They are designed to be rigid and strong, yet substantially lighter and highly adaptable. These columns are quick and easy to assemble and offer an open architecture, which is ideal for applications using hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical control systems. The ModLoc modular tooling columns are designed exclusively for use with the SpeedLoc precision locator/fastener system, delivering dramatically improved throughput and reduced operating costs.