Workholding Clamps & Locators



Kipp is a world leading manufacturer of adjustable handles, knobs, spring plungers, hand wheels, and other standard machine elements.


The Kipp adjustable handle acts as a "ratcheting” lever that allows the user to tighten or loosen without the use of tools or in areas where space is restricted. A full range of these adjustable handles is offered, with a wide variety of styles, colors, materials and mounting configurations. All are available with both male and female threads.


The Kipp line of knobs offers variety and durability without sacrificing style. In the past, the appearance of knobs and handles were not considered important when designing machinery or end products. Kipp’s Novo-Grip line has since changed that by offering a consistent look and feel for all manual controls. These knobs are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, mounting options and colors.


The Kipp spring plunger line offers more than 1,000 different configurations of spring plunger assemblies. They are offered in various spring pressures in both a ball end as well as a pin style tip. All are available with a steel, stainless steel, or delrin ball or pin. They are also available with nylon locking elements which prevent loosening due to vibration and impact.


Kipp also offers a complete line of pull handles and hand wheels. These handles are supplied in a wide assortment of materials and include different styles such as pull handles, machine handles, palm grips, and clamping knobs. In addition, the hand wheels are available in a wide range of sizes and materials such as cast iron, aluminum, and plastic.

  • Adjustable Handles & Levers
  • Knobs & Grips
  • Spring Plungers
  • Indexing Plungers
  • Equipment Handles
  • Hand Wheels
  • Toggle Clamps


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