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Hook type, compact clamp, cylindrical holder or flanged holder

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Hook Clamps - Compact Style - Threaded (BJ132)
Hook Clamps - Compact Style - Threaded (BJ132)

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These hook clamps combine high clamping forces and compact design. They are ideal for applications where space is limited. Hook clamps are commonly used to hold down fixture and workpieces on a wide variety of machines. The clamp is actuated in both directions with the hex screw on top of the clamp to prevent galling of the workpiece. The clamp arm can be swiveled out of the way for easy part insertion and removal. The arm is tapped for mounting a contact bolt. They can be mounted with the hook clamp holders shown below or installed in a custom block. Made from SAE-4140 alloy steel, heat treated with a black oxide finish.


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