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Standard Swing Clamps (QLSW)

Swing Clamps - One-Touch Standard Duty (QLSW)

Swing Clamps - One-Touch Standard Duty (QLSW)
Swing Clamps - One-Touch Standard Duty (QLSW)

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These swing clamps swing into position, then clamp straight down onto the work piece for direct downward pressure. When releasing the clamp, the clamp swings out 65 degrees for easy removal and placement of the work piece. Excellent for repetitive clamping operations. The tapped end of the clamp arm allows for a custom clamping tip and greater clamping range. Can be ordered in either clockwise or counter clockwise clamping movement. Four screws and two locating holes allow for secure fastening and precision locating. Mounting bases are also available to provide top side mounting and height adjustment.

The 150 series provides 170 lbs of clamping force, the 200 series provides 260 lbs of clamping force. Part numbers with R have clockwise clamping direction, part numbers with L have counter clockwise clamping direction. The body and shaft are made from SAE-4140 alloy steel. The clamp arm and adaptor head are made from SAE-1045 alloy steel. Parts are heat treated with black oxide finish. Handle is black plastic.


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