Fairlane Serrated Grippers & Rest Pads

Economical wear surfaces.

Fairlane grippers & pads


Workholding and positioning components from Fairlane Products allow for faster speeds and feeds within the manufacturing process. Their modular and economical replaceable wear surfaces extend the life of expensive jigs, fixtures, jaws, and clamping mechanisms.





Low profile? Irregular or contoured workpiece? From our ultra low TG GripSert inserts to our full lineup of self-aligning Swivots, we have the solution for your application.



Increase speeds and feeds with powerful hold of our workholding grippers.



Save your jaws! Our easily replaceable workholding grippers are the ideal contact wear surface for vise jaws, collet jaws and more.

made in USA


Fairlane grippers are manufactured in the United States.



Gripper Inserts & Positioners

Gripper Inserts & Positioners


Grip and penetrate the workpiece to provide superior holding power. Used in jigs, fixtures, and chuck jaws, these grippers and rest pads are versatile enough to fit any number of applications.


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Self-Aligning Grippers, Positioners & Thrust Screws

Self-Aligning Grippers, Positioners & Thrust Screws


Self-aligning components designed to hold and position irregular and contoured surfaces. Contact surfaces include flat steel, Delrin, stainless steel, serrated, diamond surface and Sof-Top urethane. Available in threaded body, hex head or base design (cylindrical body) for mounting.


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Non-slip grip for holding delicate and finished surfaces. Excellent protection against damage to work surfaces. Non-marking urethane surfaces. Available in fixed and swivel designs

diamond surface


Ideal for holding smooth and slippery surfaces. Highcoefficient of friction provides non-slip grip. Available in tapped, c'bored and swivel designs.



Workholding contact points that provide superior holding power for a variety of applications.

Line up

Angle Grippers, Tool Steel, Carbide Tipped & Carbide (HS, CT, FSC)

Solid carbide, carbide tipped or tool steel.

Base Design Swivots Gripper Assemblies (BBU)

Urethane, Delrin, abrasive diamond, flat tool steel or serrated.

Edge Grippers, Tool Steel (HSE)

C'bore mount. Diamond or straight serration.

Fixed Grippers & Rest Pads (CR, CS, CC)

Round, rectangular or square. Carbide.

GP Series Gripper Pads (GP, GPA)

1-1/4" square or rectangular strip. Fine hatch, hatch or smooth surface.

Headed Design Thrust Screws (TSH)

Urethane, Delrin, serrated steel or abrasive diamond.

Hex Head Adjustable Grippers, Replaceable Pad (AJH)

Replaceable gripper held in place with a differential lock screw.

Hex Head Swivots Gripper Assemblies (BUH)

Urethane, Delrin, abrasive diamond, flat tool steel or serrated.

Round Grippers, Carbide Tipped (CT)

Diamond serration, tapped.

Round Grippers, Solid Carbide (FSC)

Whistle stop, tapped with flat side or tapped with keyway.

Round Grippers, Tool Steel (HS)

Tapped or C'bore. Diamond serration, straight serration or single point.

Round Rest Pads (SRP, CSRP, DRP, CRP)

Tapped or C'bore. Delrin, hardened steel, stainless steel or solid carbide.

Square Grippers, Tool Steel (HS)

Tapped or C'bore. Diamond serration or straight serration.

TG GripSert Covers

Prevent dirt and debris from building up inside the TG GripSerts slots.

TG GripSert Inserts

For steel, steel/titanium or aluminum workpieces.

Threaded Body Swivots Gripper Assemblies (TBU)

Urethane, Delrin, abrasive diamond, flat steel or serrated.

Threaded Body Thrust Screws (TST)

Urethane, Delrin, serrated steel, stainless steel or abrasive diamond.