Line up

Adjustable Pit Bull Clamps

Used on work cubes and machine tables for tapped holes or T-slot configurations.

Compact Modular Pit Bull Clamps

Knife edge or blunt edge.

Compact Side Cam Clamps

Positive down force while using very little space on a fixture.

Dyna Force Clamps

Clamp jaws advance on an angle for positive down-force.

Hex Cam Clamps

Hardened steel socket head cap screw. Offset head and brass hex washer.

ID Expansion Clamps

Hold internal diameters from under 3/16” to over 4”. Ideal for variations in inside diameter.

Knife Edge Cam Clamps

Low profile cam clamp.

Kopal Clamps & Stops

Swivel & raised stops. Low profile or mini cam clamps.

Machinable Cam Clamps

Hold round or irregularly shaped workpieces directly to a fixture plate or stop.

Machinable Pit Bull Clamps

Heat treated tool steel.

Pit Bull Clamps

Steel or brass with blunt or knife edge.

T-Slot Mount Cam Clamps

Brass hex, steel body. Locks into machine T-slot.

Uniforce Wedge Clamps

Steel wedge spreads clamping force uniformly on both sides.

Uniforce Wedge Clamps, Machinable

Machinable jaws. Steel wedge spreads clamping force uniformly on both sides.