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Easy Tool Access!

No tool interference with clamp. Low profile design allows easy milling and machining.



Downward Clamping!

Jaw moves down to press a workpiece towards the fixture plate. Secure workholding is key to better machining accuracy.



Many Styles and Sizes!

Compact, low profile, heavy duty, etc. are all available to help you find the perfect clamping solution.







IMAO-Fixtureworks side, edge and toe clamps provide a wide range of clamping solutions for various applications of CNC machining.


Line up

Cam Side Clamps (QLSCH)

Steel cam handle, body and jaw.

Compact Rear Mount Toe Clamps (CP106)

High holding power and low profile.

Compact Side Cam Clamps

Positive down force while using very little space on a fixture.

Compact Spiral Cam Clamps (CP135)

With or without clamping plate.

Compact Toe Clamps (CP104)

Jaw moves forward and downward as the clamp is tightened.

Mini Cam Toe Clamps (QLSCL)

With or without handle.

Mini Side & Toe Clamps (CP133, CP134)

Low profile and small size for more parts per setup.

Push Block Clamps with Cap Screw

Use push block clamp with V-pad to clamp round workpieces.

Single Jaw Side Clamps (CP101)

For smaller clamping spaces.

Spiral Cam Clamps (BJ161)

Positive locking side clamp.

System T Cam Clamps

Complete cam system set. Separate components available.

Wide Jaw Side Clamps (CP102)

1.5 degrees jaw swivel from center to allow for clamping on uneven surfaces.