Thrust & Pull Down Clamps

Thrust & Pull Down Clamps

Thrust clamps and pull down clamps offer excellent ways to clamp challenging workpieces. The thrust clamps are ideal for reaching clamp surfaces that are difficult to access, perhaps a recessed face of a workpiece. Pull down clamps are positioned under the workpiece or plate, leaving the workpiece clear for machining.



Thrust & Pull Down Clamps

Thrust & Pull Down Clamps


Thrust clamps feature a clamping body and a clamping bar used together for a wide range of workholding solutions. Pull down clamps are designed to be used with a clamping pin or standard clamping screw. By rotating the handle, the clamp pulls the pin or screw downward and secures it in position.


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Clamp Bar for Thrust Clamps (QLRCS)

Plastic knob, steel body.

Heavy Duty Pull Clamps (QLPDH)

Clamping force: 1,348 to 1,798 lbs. Clamp bodies, pins, screws.

Horizontal Thrust Clamps (QLRC)

Push the bar through the center of clamping body until contact is made with the workpiece.

Push Type Snap Clamps (QLSNS)

Snap-on system provides uniform and positive clamping in one smooth operation.

Standard Pull Clamps (QLPD)

Clamping Force: 200 to 500 lbs. Clamp bodies, pins, screws. With or without handle.

Standard Push Clamps (QLPU)

With or without handle.

Vertical Thrust Clamps (QLRCF)

Light or heavy duty. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.