One Touch Workholding Clamps & Supports

Easy and efficient clamping and unclamping — with no tools!

Workholding Clamps & Supports


Distinctive and unique, the One-Touch Clamps and Supports line offers easy and efficient clamping operations and support of workpieces without the need for tools during the application. This unique feature helps to reduce time wasted on part setup and changeover while increasing overall productivity.





Reduce Workpiece Setup Times! Compared to old-style mechanical clamps. Quick clamping without tools for quick workpiece changeover.



Reduce Fixture Costs! Compared to hydraulic or pneumatic clamps.

easy to Use


Secure Clamping with No Tools! Ergonomic workholding. Easy for operators to load and unload the workpieces.

no tools


The One Touch Clamps are designed to load and unload workpieces without the use of tools.


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  • Easy pressure to engage
  • Quick, precise clamping for repetitive applications.
  • Many sizes available, from mini to heavy duty.

1/3 Workpiece Setup Time!

Compared to old style mechanical clamps

Quick clamping without tool provides fast workpiece changeover.



1/3 Fixture Cost!

Compared to hydraulic or pneumatic clamps

Mechanical clamps provide economical workholding.

fixture with hydraulic/pneumatic clamps


fixture with One-Touch clamps

  • Lower clamping cost
  • No piping
  • No maintenance


Secure Clamping

with spiral cam clamping mechanism

Large clamping force by spiral cam is perfect for machining fixtures.

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IMAO's mechanical quick clamps provide workholding solution for machining, assembly and checking fixtures.



Line up

Cam Push Clamps (QLCP)

Steel cam handle and body.

Cam Side Clamps (QLSCH)

Steel cam handle, body and jaw.

Cylindrical Spring Loaded Supports (BJ351)

Heavy duty capacity. Mounts through the center of the body.

Heavy Duty Pull Clamps (QLPDH)

Clamping force: 1,348 to 1,798 lbs. Clamp bodies, pins, screws.

Hold Down Snap Clamps (QLSND)

One-touch snap clamp. Positive clamping in one smooth operation

Horizontal Thrust Clamps (QLRC)

Push the bar through the center of clamping body until contact is made with the workpiece.

Mini Cam Toe Clamps (QLSCL)

With or without handle.

Mini Hold Down Snap Clamps (QLSNDM)

Steel with black oxide or nickel-plated finish, or stainless steel.

Mini Swing Clamps with Adjustable Handle (QLSWC-K)

Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

Mini Swing Clamps with Cam Handle (QLSWC)

Black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Mini Swing Clamps with Standard Handle (QLSWC)

Black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Mini Torque Control Swing Clamps (QLSWC)

Torque wrench or removable handle activates clamping.

Push Type Snap Clamps (QLSNS)

Snap-on system provides uniform and positive clamping in one smooth operation.

Retractable Clamps (QLRE)

One-Touch miniature clamp with cam handle.

Retractable Clamps with Adjustable Handle (QLRE)

One-Touch miniature clamp with adjustable handle.

Standard Pull Clamps (QLPD)

Clamping Force: 200 to 500 lbs. Clamp bodies, pins, screws. With or without handle.

Standard Push Clamps (QLPU)

With or without handle.

Standard Swing Clamps (QLSW)

One-Touch standard duty clamp. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

Vertical Thrust Clamps (QLRCF)

Light or heavy duty. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.