Vises & 5-Axis Workholding

Maximize your machine’s potential.

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TriMax Series Vises offer the benefits you need to maximize your machine’s potential with multiple part clamping, quick change components and easy adjustment. The traditional, bulky machinist vise was THE single solution workhorse for workholding. But machines and machine tools have evolved, and so should your vise. TriMax vises are matched for today’s manufacturing demands and provide all the versatility you need in a small footprint. This is not your grandpa’s vise.



Trimax G Series Vises

Trimax G series vises


Designed for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations. Machine on five sides with just one clamping operation using TG GripSert jaws.


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Trimax S Series Vises

Trimax S series vises


Self-centering vise designed for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations using TG GripSert jaws.


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Kurt DX6 Vises

Kurt DX6 vises


Kurt DX6 CrossOver Vise with your choice of traditional or low-profile clamping jaws.


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Trimax M Series Vises

Trimax M series vises


With the longest and widest vise size options in theTriMax Series, the TriMax M vise is designed for maximum workholding and clamping capacity.


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Trimax T Series Vises

Trimax T series vises


A complete multi-part clamping vise that reduces downtime and maximizes machine tool capacity.


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Trimax C Series Vises

Trimax C series vises


Clamp up to four workpieces at one time and choose between many jaw grip types including low profile TG GripSerts Inserts. Configure the vise set as needed to meet your workholding needs.


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Vise Accessories

flex locators


hold down clamps, work stops, positioning keys, screws and t-nuts.


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TG GripSert Inserts

side clamps


With only 3.5 mm of clamp surface needed to securely hold the workpiece, TG GripSerts workholding grippers are ideal for 5-axis machining operations.


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Modular Clamping System

modular clamping system


Completely modular, this versatile clamping system allows easy height adjustment by coupling the modules.Ideal for 5-axis machining.


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Line up

G, M Series Hold Down Clamp Pairs

S ecurely attach the vise to a slotted plate.

S, C Series Work Stops

For quick and accurate positioning while loading workholding parts.

S, G, C, T Series Positioning Keys

Allow precise locating of vise. Sold in pair.

S, T, C Series Clamps with screws and T-Nuts

Securely attach the vise to a slotted plate.