Workholding Supports, Stops & Rests

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Fixtureworks is your source for innovative solutions. We offer a variety of solutions to get the job done faster and easier — whether you own a small shop or are an application engineer responsible for multiple production facilities. Products range from spring loaded work supports, pneumatic locators and supports, to a wide variety of gripper inserts and positioners. Everything you need to support your workholding and fixturing needs.





Increase speeds and feeds with workholding grippers, and load and unload workpiece faster with One Touch Clamps and innovative spring-loaded supports — no tools needed to clamp!



Save your jaws! Our easily replaceable workholding grippers are the ideal contact wear surface for vise jaws, collet jaws and more.



Throw a lever. Rotate a knob. Press a button. Our One Touch lineup of clamps and fasteners make it safer and easier for operators to do their jobs, especially where tasks are repetitive and frequent.



Our locators allow for easy fastening and precision locating in one operation.



Work Supports, Stops & Rests

Work Supports, Stops & Rests


Fixtureworks’ line of supports and stops are designed to assist during the machining, assembly, or inspection process by properly positioning the workpiece. Used to locate, stop, or support a workpiece in a wide range of applications and environments.


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Spring Loaded Work Supports

Spring Loaded Work Supports


Designed to provide proper workpiece support. The spring loaded plunger retracts into the body of the support when the workpiece is put in place. The plunger can then be locked into placed by tightening the knob.


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Pneumatic Clamping Locators

Pneumatic Locators


Pneumatic quick locating and clamping eliminates set up time in frequent changeover of fixtures, plates and toolings on automation machinery. These Air Flex locators/receivers provide quick change of fixture or tool within 0.003 mm repeat accuracy.


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Pneumatic Assisted Work Supports

Pneumatic Work Supports


These compact pneumatic supports allow for remote-control activation and simultaneous control of multiple supports. The spring-loaded piston is compressed under the workpiece. After the workpiece is clamped, air is applied to lock into position.


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Self-Aligning Grippers, Positioners & Thrust Screws

Grippers, Positioners & Thrust Screws


Self-aligning components designed to hold and position irregular and contoured surfaces. Contact surfaces include flat steel, Delrin, stainless steel, serrated, diamond surface and Sof-Top urethane. Available in threaded body, hex head or base design (cylindrical body) for mounting


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Gripper Inserts & Positioners

Gripper Inserts & Positioners


Grip and penetrate the workpiece to provide superior holding power. Used in jigs, fixtures, and chuck jaws, these grippers and rest pads are versatile enough to fit any number of applications.


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Line up

Adjustable Jack Screws (BJ332)

For height adjustment.

Adjustable Screw Jacks

Screw jacks and screw jack tips.

Air Flex Light Locators (AMWF)

Port or Direct type pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Light Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-L-S series pneumatic locator pin.

Air Flex Locators (AMWF-W)

Straight or tapered pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-W series pneumatic locator pin.

Base Design Swivots Gripper Assemblies (BBU)

Urethane, Delrin, abrasive diamond, flat tool steel or serrated.

Compact Spring Loaded Cam Work Supports (BJ362)

Supports up to 89 lbs. Die cast zinc handle, steel body.

Cylindrical Spring Loaded Supports (BJ351)

Heavy duty capacity. Mounts through the center of the body.

Extendable Work Locators with Adjustable Handle (CP701)

Locating pins are mounted in the extendable piston.

Extendable Work Supports with Knob (CP300)

Supports up to 202 lbs. Tapped work support piston.

Extension Bolts for Work Supports (KBJ610)

Threaded mount, tapped hole.

Headed Design Thrust Screws (TSH)

Urethane, Delrin, serrated steel or abrasive diamond.

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Supports

Supports up to 3,800 lbs.With or without tip.

Hex Head Swivots Gripper Assemblies (BUH)

Urethane, Delrin, abrasive diamond, flat tool steel or serrated.

Hex Socket Toggle Screws (F131)

Steel pad swivels 3.5 degrees from center.

Knurled Head Screws

Steel or stainless steel.

Long Travel Supports & Accessories (AWS)

Supports up to 40,000 lbs. 3-1/8 to 24 inches max height.

Mini Adjustable Stops (BJ211)

Up to 80 mm thread length. Alloy steel.

Mini Adjustable Stops, Short (BJ211)

Up to 56 mm thread length. Alloy steel.

Miniature Riser Cylinders (BJ601)

Threaded mount, tapped hole.

Pneumatic Work Supports (BJ370)

For remote activation.

Retractable Work Locators (CP700)

Plastic knob, steel body.

Standard Riser Cylinders (BJ600)

Threaded mount, tapped hole.

Support Cylinders (BJ300)

Socket headed cap screw mount.

Swivel Contact Bolts (BJ730)

Steel body, stainless steel ball.

Threaded Body Swivots Gripper Assemblies (TBU)

Urethane, Delrin, abrasive diamond, flat steel or serrated.

Threaded Body Thrust Screws (TST)

Urethane, Delrin, serrated steel, stainless steel or abrasive diamond.

Threaded Jack Screw Support (BJ331)

Replaceable threaded jack screw support.

V-Blocks (BJ440)

Mini horizontal. 1045 steel.