Flat Clamping Fastener


The innovative flat design ensure no interference. Ideal for use in limited spaces.


Introducing the new QCFC Flat Quarter-Turn Clamping Fastener

Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks expands its One-Touch Fastener lineup to include a new quarter-turn clamping fastener that features an innovative new flat design. The recessed body and knob on the flat fastener make it ideal for clamping in limited spaces.


The QCFC flat quarter-turn fastener features a recessed body that protrudes only 2mm from the mounted surface and a knob that rests flush inside the body for minimal interference. This clamping fastener features visible "ON" and "OFF" markings for safety and an audible "click" when fully turned to clamped or unclamped position.


Flat Fastener



The new flat clamping fastener is made to pair with a QCFC-B locking receptacle, available separately. Plate thickness of 6 mm or more can be used with the QCFC-series fastener and receptacle. A clamping and holding force as high as 7.7 lbs (30N) can be achieved. Flat Fastener


Quarter-turn clamping fasteners are designed for quick changeover applications and frequent disassembly and provide quick and easy locking for fixture plates, panels, covers, machine components and more - without the use of tools. Locking and unlocking is achieved with a simple 90-degree turn of the knob. Low-profile types like the new QCFC clamping fastener are especially useful for operation where space is limited and interference is a concern. Click on the QCFC-series products below to see more detailed product specifications!



QCFC Quarter-Turn Fastener Lineup