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Retractable Quarter-Turn Ball-lock Fasteners


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Ideal for slide and door applications. No interference!


Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks expands its One-Touch Fastener line to include a new Retractable type of fastener. The QCWEA retractable knob-locking fastener locks and unlocks with a simple quarter turn of the knob and features a retractable shaft that raises out of the way when the knob is turned to the "OFF" position. This retractable feature allows the fastener to safely slide off from the base without interference, making them ideal for slide and door applications.


QCWEA clamping fasteners are made to pair with a ball-locking receptacle that is mounted to a base. Turning the knob engages and disengages the ball-lock mechanism in the shaft to lock and unlock from the receptacle. The ball-locking system in these fasteners provides a clamping force up to 11 lbs and a holding force to 33 lbs. The knob, body, balls and spring are all made from stainless steel.


These quarter-turn knob-locking pins also have a sensor detection capability that allows the locking condition to be confirmed when used in combination with Position Sensor Receptacles (sold separately).


In addition to the new QCWEA ball-lock fasteners, IMAO Fixtureworks also offers other retractable-type clamping fasteners including standard and heavy duty versions of the QCTH-series, which use a cam-locking system to lock onto the receptacle.


IMAO Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of One-Touch Fasteners that are designed to reduce setup times in quick change applications. Fastener-receptacle pairs replace nut-and-bolt assembly so that operators can lock and unlock plates, panels, covers, machine components and more without the use of tools. The One Touch Fastener product lineup includes quarter turn clamping fasteners, ball lock fasteners, pin holding, magnet locking types, and more.



One-Touch Retractable Fasteners Lineup

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