Quarter-Turn Sliding Locks for Quick Changeover


No Tools Needed. Ideal for applications where there is frequent disassembly or changeover.


October 8, 2021


Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of quarter-turn sliding locks for quick change applications -- without the use of tools. Designed for use in sliding applications, the locks allow the user to slide the stop, component, or plate into position, and then lock with a quarter-turn of the knob.


The QCSL type is designed for use in a slotted hole in a plate, which allows the plate to pass below before it is locked in position. The QCSQ type is designed for use with a square bar, allowing the bar to pass through the clamp body and being locked in position once the adjustment is made. Similarly, quarter turn spindle locks clamp a shaft and lock it in place to prevent rotation or sliding.


Each Sliding Lock features ON/OFF markings, making the locked state clearly visible to the operator for safety. The knob also clicks into position to indicate that it is locked.


The Slide Locks products are ideal for applications where there is frequent disassembly or changeover, including packaging, food processing, bottling, printing and assembly equipment, and inspection fixtures.


In addition to Sliding Locks, Fixtureworks offers a wide range of fasteners, locators, positioning pins, ball locking pins, and more.


Specifications, CAD models, pricing and ordering are available online at www.fixtureworks.com. Customers can also request a quote or technical product assistance.


IMAO Fixtureworks manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of unique industrial products that range from modular fixturing components and workholding devices, including clamps, workholding gripper inserts, supports, and locators, to standard machine elements, including pins, material handling rollers and bumpers, fasteners, adjustable handles, cam levers, and more.



Quarter-Turn Sliding Locks & Shaft Locking Clamps Lineup


Shaft Locking Clamps

Pneumatic, heavy duty


Shaft Locking Clamps

Pneumatic, compact


Sliding Locks

Square bar, plastic knob or stainless handle


Sliding Locks

Slotted hole, plastic or stainless knob


Sliding Locks

Linear-motion stopper


Sliding Locks

Push lock clamp