Shaft Mount Clamping Fasteners

Shaft Mount Fasteners



Easy-to-use quick release fasteners for shaft coupling and quick changeovers.

October 31, 2022


Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks expands its line of innovative One Touch Fasteners with new Shaft Mount Clamping Fasteners. These shaft coupling clamps are quick release fasteners designed for frequent changeover of machinery or fixtures.


Shaft mount fasteners are mounted to a shaft for extended reach and the receptacle is mounted to a base. The fasteners are easy to clamp and unclamp by turning 90 degrees. These coupling clamps click into place when locked into the receptacles.


In addition to the standard shaft mount fastener, a heavy-duty version is also available that features clamping and holding forces up to 90 lbs. A new safety lock version is now also available by IMAO Fixtureworks. The safety collar must be pulled up in order to turn and unlock the fastener from the receptacle.


Shaft coupling fasteners provide positive locking in quick change applications where frequent insertion and removal is necessary. These one-touch fasteners are part of a broad line of quarter-turn fasteners including low profile, heavy duty, retractable, and knob-locking types.


Specifications, CAD models, pricing and ordering are available online at Customers can also request a quote or technical product assistance.



Shaft Mount Clamps Lineup


Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Shaft mount, heavy duty


Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Shaft mount, safety lock



Use with QCSJ shaft mount fasteners



Flanged plate, use with QCSJ shaft mount fasteners



Use with QCSJS heavy duty shaft mount fasteners



Use with QCSJLK shaft mount fasteners