Quick Action Spindle & Shaft Locking Clamps

shaft clamps


Fast, easy locking. No tools required! Manual and pneumatic versions available.

Quick, Secure Locking for Shafts and Spindles

Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks spotlights its expanding line of innovative Shaft Locking Clamps. These easy-to-use clamps are designed to positively lock onto a shaft or spindle quickly without the use of tools.


Spindle and shaft locking clamps are ideal for applications where frequent disassembly and changeover are needed. With their compact size, these clamps can be used in smaller places than conventional shaft collars, and more easily with no need to tighten levers or screws. They are available in both manual and pneumatic versions.


Manual shaft locking clamps are available in two main styles. The plastic-body version securely locks and unlocks with a quarter-turn of the handle. When moved into locked position, a "click" of the knob prevents the unit from overtightening and undertightening. The handle is available in both plastic and stainless steel, and can be used on 8mm-20mm shaft diameters.


There is also a zinc-body manual clamp which locks by moving down the handle. When the handle is released, a spring allows the locking block to reset to original position. The zinc-body clamp can be used on 10mm-20mm shaft diameters.


Pneumatic shaft-locking clamps are also available from Imao Fixtureworks. These are often used on machines where many clamping or unclamping cycles are run, or for multi-clamping applications. With air supply, remote operation is also possible in out-of-reach places, or in hidden locations such as the backside of machines.


Pneumatic shaft locking clamps from Fixtureworks are available in compact, standard, and heavy duty versions. Vertical or horizontal positioning types are both offered. These shaft locking clamps feature an aluminum body and can clamp onto 10mm-20mm shaft diameters.


In addition to shaft clamps, Imao Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of One-Touch Clamps, One-Touch Fasteners, and Flex Locators, all of which are operated with no tools for quick changeover. Fixtureworks also offers a full spectrum of workholding grippers, fixture clamps, material handling rollers and bumpers, quick release pins, adjustable handles, and a variety of machine components.



Shaft Locking Clamps Lineup