heavy Duty One Touch Fasteners

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Heavy Duty One Touch Fasteners


IMAO Fixtureworks (Fraser, MI) introduces heavy duty fasteners to its lineup of premium Imao® "One-Touch" fasteners. A convenient alternative to cumbersome nut-and-bolt assembly, the new Heavy Duty One-Touch fasteners provide for quick, easy and secure changeover and installation without the need for any tools.

August 18, 2020


Heavy Duty One-Touch fasteners are available in a quarter-turn clamping pin style and provide the highest clamping force available in the One-Touch fastener lineup. These quarter turn clamps provide high tensile strength with locating repeatability to +/- 0.1 mm. Clamps are marked with on/off indicators to show the position of the pins easily.


Heavy Duty One-Touch fasteners are offered with either a plastic or stainless steel knob. The bodies are made of nickel-plated stainless steel and the pin is stainless. The shank is made from heat treated nickel-plated steel. The plastic knob is fiberglass, and the fastener can provide clamping force to 89.9 pounds.


Three stainless steel socket head cap screws for mounting are also included with fasteners, and receptacles are sold separately.


IMAO Fixtureworks manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of unique industrial products that range from modular fixturing components and workholding devices, including clamps, workholding gripper inserts, supports, and locators, to standard machine elements, including pins, material handling rollers and bumpers, fasteners, adjustable handles, cam levers, and more.


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Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Heavy duty, plastic or stainless knob


Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Heavy duty, retractable, plastic or stainless knob


Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Heavy duty, narrow body, plastic or stainless knob



Embedded mount, use with heavy duty quarter-turn fasteners



For QCTHSA heavy duty quarter turn fasteners