Robotic Workpiece Clamping with Nutrunner Clamps

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Robot clamping for assembly and machining automation.

July 1, 2022


Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks, manufacturer and supplier of workholding components, introduces its line of Nutrunner Clamps for robotic workpiece clamping. Using a nutrunner installed on a robot, these clamps provide automated clamping and unclamping on any automated production line.


Unlike hydraulic solutions, nutrunner clamps provide mechanical clamping without the need for hydraulic piping. This simplifies fixture design and maintenance, shortens preparation time, and lowers costs.


Nutrunner clamps by IMAO Fixtureworks are equipped with a hex head for automated clamping and unclamping. Spiral-acting swing clamps and block pull clamp types are both available. They offer the high clamping force needed on machining and assembly lines.


Specifications, CAD models, pricing and ordering are available online at Customers can also request a quote or technical product assistance.


IMAO Fixtureworks manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of unique industrial products that range from modular fixturing components and workholding devices, including clamps, workholding gripper inserts, supports, and locators, to standard machine elements, including pins, material handling rollers and bumpers, fasteners, adjustable handles, cam levers, and more.



Netrunner Clamps Line Up


Pull Down Clamps

Block pull clamp and clamping screws


Swing Clamps

Nut runner hex head operation