Spring-loaded Swing Clamps from IMAO Fixtureworks

Spring Clamps



Imao Fixtureworks Spring Swing Clamps are mechanical tool-less clamps with constant clamping force by spring pressure.

October 26, 2022


Fraser, MI – IMAO Fixtureworks, manufacturer and supplier of workholding components, introduces a new line of compact spring clamps that provide quick, error-free clamping. The new Spring Clamps line is specially designed to prevent over/under tightening and to secure one-touch clamping without workpiece damage.


Compact in design and with a small footprint, spring swing clamps can be integrated where there is limited space. They are ideal for applications with height limitations where toggle clamps cannot be used.


The spring-loaded design of these swing clamps provides constant clamping force through spring pressure. Ideal for delicate workpieces, the handle is designed to click at its clamping end which prevents over/under tightening. No tools are needed to clamp down on the workpiece. Simply turn the one-touch handle until it clicks.


Quick Spring Clamps are available with a left or right clamping direction and in six compact sizes.


Specifications, CAD models, pricing and ordering are available online at www.fixtureworks.com. Customers can also request a quote or technical product assistance.



Spring Clamps Lineup


Swing Clamps

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