Polymer, Steel Wheel Covers for Radial Ball Bearings

polymer steel wheel covers

New Standard Line of Bearing Wheel Covers

Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI) now offers a standard new line of Bearing Wheel Covers. The bearing wheel covers are used for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications that include conveyor lines, material handling, and as guide wheels or track rollers. Bearing covers are designed to allow the inner diameter of the bearing to spin separately from the outer cover, reducing vibration, noise and wear of the bearings.


Fixtureworks offers a wide range of materials to fit your performance needs. Polymer materials include black polyacetal, blue nylon, tank PEEK and grey 70D urethane. Wheel covers are also available in stainless electroless plated steel and 303 stainless.


The bearing wheel covers are offered in flat, crown, and radial cover types with straight bore or threaded stud versions. The low-profile mounting stud is permanently swaged into the bearing and replaces the need for a nut, bolt and spacer. The bearing is retained by a snap ring.


The bearing wheel covers for radial ball bearings are available with a rubber-sealed radial ball bearing or a shielded bearing made from steel or stainless. Wheel bearing covers are offered in a wide range of sizes with outer (OD) wheel diameters ranging from 3/4" to 1-1/2", bore diameters from 3/16" to 1/2" and wheel widths from 3/8" to 9/16".


Bearing Wheel Cover Line Up


Bearing Covers

With stud, radial surface


Bearing Covers

With stud, flat surface


Bearing Covers

With stud, crown surface


Bearing Covers

Bearing mount, crown surface


Bearing Covers

Bearing mount, radial surface


Bearing Covers

Bearing mount, flat surface