Precision Workholding Locator Components

Quick changeover with precision locating.

precision locators


Fixture locators for precision mounting, alignment, and positioning during the machining or inspection process to optimize workpiece repeatability. Traditional locating pins, spring loaded locators and extendable variations are available. Innovative systems such as SpeedLoc locating, the Modular Pull Clamp System and the Flex Locator System allows for easier and more accurate locating and positioning.

BENEFITS of our Precision Workholding Locators




Our customers experience a dramatic decrease in time to load workpieces and swap out pallets, plates and fixtures.



Our solutions typically have a small footprint — and a very reasonable price to match. It sense to increase productivity with a minimal investment!



Up to +/- 0.0004" or 0.008 mm repeatability, depending on the product.

no tools


Flex Locators fasten and locate in one operation without the use of tools.

Types of Precise Workholding Locator Components


5 Axis Modular Pull Clamp System

Modular Pull Clamp


Completely modular, this versatile clamping system allows easy height adjustment by coupling the modules. Ideal for 5-axis machining.


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Quick Change Flex Clamping Locators

Flex Locators


Locate + fasten in one operation — without tools.


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SpeedLoc Locator System



The system is made up of precision locators, receivers, and liner bushings. Designed to solve the common difficulties associated with precision attachment and removal of fixtures, fixture plates, and accessories. This unique system alleviates the prying, pounding, and/or use of jack screws of associated methods.


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Locating Pins & Receivers

locating pins


Traditional work locating pins for alignment and precision locating.


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Line up of Quick Changeover Working Locators

Air Flex Light Locators (AMWF)

Port or Direct type pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Light Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-L-S series pneumatic locator pin.

Air Flex Locators (AMWF-W)

Straight or tapered pneumatic pin.

Air Flex Receivers (AMWF-BU)

Used with AMWF-W series pneumatic locator pin.

Ball End Locating Pins with Shoulder (03108)

Diamond or round. Steel or stainless steel.

Ball End Locating Pins without Shoulder (03107)

Diamond or round. Steel or stainless steel.

Blind Style Locators (CP720)

Flex locator system.

Double Pull Clamp Modules (CP151)

Used with CP155 and CP156 clamping screws.

Flanged Pull Clamp Modules (CP150)

Used with CP155 clamping screws.

Hex Flex Locators (CP730)

Tapered or straight.

Low Profile Locating Pins

Round or diamond.

Quarter Turn Flex Locators (CP723)

Stainless knob and pin, steel body.

Single Pull Clamp Modules (CP152)

Used to locate and clamp a workpiece in conjunction with CP155 clamping screws.

SpeedLoc Bolt-in Receivers (MPAR)

SpeedLoc system receiver.

SpeedLoc Flush Mount Locators (MPAS)

SpeedLoc system locator.

SpeedLoc Standard Bushings (MPAL)

SpeedLoc system. Steel.

SpeedLoc Standard Locators (MPAS)

SpeedLoc system locator.

SpeedLoc Stepped Bushings (MPAL)

SpeedLoc system. Steel.

SpeedLoc Thread-in Receivers (MPAR)

SpeedLoc system receiver.

Spring Loaded Locators (CP710)

Standard or accurate type.

Through Style Protective Covers (CP726)

Used keep out dirt and contaminants out of through-style receivers.