Flex Locators from Fixtureworks

Locate & Fasten for Quick Changeovers

flex locators


Fixtureworks ® (Fraser, MI) offers a complete lineup of precision Flex Locators that includes new handle styles and air-assisted versions.

March 08, 2021


The Flex Locator System consists of tapered pins and receiving bushings. In combination, these pairs are designed to be mounted on fixture bases and plates to allow for highly accurate locating and positioning with repeatability of +/-.01mm. This system allows for fast and accurate fixture changes, mounting the same fixture on different machines, machining from five sides on one fixture, and quick fixture setup.


Fixtureworks offers a wide variety of Flex Locator styles to meet your application needs.


Handle, Knob and Cam handle styles allow for quick one touch handle operation for precision locating and fastening.


Hex style ball-lock locators provide 1011 lbs. of clamping force in addition to precision locating. An adjustable torque wrench is also available to loosen and tighten the hex fastener.


Fixtureworks also offers basic solutions for locating, including easy-to-use Blind-style and Through-style locators.


For automated control, Air Flex locators are available. These air assisted locators allow for remote-control activation and simultaneous release of multiple locators.


In addition to Flex locators, Fixtureworks offers a wide range of work locators, positioning pins, ball locking pins, One Touch Fasteners, and more.


To see the entire line of Flex Locators, click here: https://www.fixtureworks.net/store/pc/Flex-Locators-c13.htm

Blind Style Locators (CP720)

Flex locator system.

Blind Style Protective Covers (CP725)

Used keep out dirt and contaminants out of blind-style receivers.

Hex Flex Locators (CP730)

Tapered or straight.

Quarter Turn Flex Locators (CP723)

Stainless knob and pin, steel body.

Through Style Protective Covers (CP726)

Used keep out dirt and contaminants out of through-style receivers.