Workholding Fixture Clamps

Find your innovative clamping solutions from Fixtureworks.

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Imao-Fixtureworks offers a wide assortment of manual style clamps that are adaptable to different industrial applications and systems. These unique clamps provide quick, secure, and precise workholding and are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.

BENEFITS of Imao-Fixtureworks Clamps




Throw a lever. Rotate a knob. Press a button. Unique clamping solutions for repetitive applications. Our One Touch lineup of clamps and fasteners make it safer and easier for operators to do their jobs, especially where tasks are repetitive and frequent.



Quick, secure clamping without the use of tools. Easy loading/unloading of workpieces. Our customers experience a dramatic decrease in time to load workpieces and swap out pallets, plates and fixtures.



Our solutions typically have a small footprint — and a very reasonable price to match. It sense to increase productivity with a minimal investment!

no tools


One Touch Clamps are designed to load and unload workpieces without the use of tools.

Types of Fixture Clamps


ID/OD Form Holding Clamps

Form Holding Clamps


Designed to clamp onto the outside or inside diameters of the workpiece. Ideal for oddly shaped workpieces.


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Pneumatic Assisted Clamps

Pneumatic Clamps


Select clamp styles with pneumatic operation for remote-control activation and simultaneous control of multiple clamps.


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Side Clamps

Side Clamps


Designed to apply workholding forces to the side of a workpiece, leaving the top free of obstructions during the machining process.


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Strap Clamps & Accessories

Strap Clamps


Versatile strap clamps, threaded studs, toggle screws, nuts and more.


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Swing Clamps

Swing Clamps


Swing into position and provide a downward force to the workholding application. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet your clamping needs.


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Thrust & Pull Down Clamps

thrust & pull down clamps


Thrust clamps feature a clamping body and a clamping bar used together for a wide range of workholding solutions. Pull down clamps are designed to be used with a clamping pin or standard clamping screw. By rotating the handle, the clamp pulls the pin or screw downward and secures it in position.


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Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps


High quality, ergonomic designs. Available with standard and safety locking features.


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Fixture Clamps & Accessories

Fixture Clamps


These one-piece and two-piece clamp handles are designed for use with QLSL and QLTL One Touch Clamps.


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Clamp Features Include




Easy-to-Use Manual Clamping



Air Assisted for Automation Applications


Small Footprint

Multi Workpiece Clamping


Line up of Our Fixture Clamp Products

Cam Push Clamps (QLCP)

Steel cam handle and body.

Cam Side Clamps (QLSCH)

Steel cam handle, body and jaw.

Compact Hook Clamps (BJ132)

Compact hook clamps, flanged holder, cylindrical holder.

Compact Modular Pit Bull Clamps

Knife edge or blunt edge.

Compact Rear Mount Toe Clamps (CP106)

High holding power and low profile.

Compact Side Cam Clamps

Positive down force while using very little space on a fixture.

Compact Spiral Cam Clamps (CP135)

With or without clamping plate.

Compact Toe Clamps (CP104)

Jaw moves forward and downward as the clamp is tightened.

Dyna Force Clamps

Clamp jaws advance on an angle for positive down-force.

Heavy Duty Pull Clamps (QLPDH)

Clamping force: 1,348 to 1,798 lbs. Clamp bodies, pins, screws.

Hex Cam Clamps

Hardened steel socket head cap screw. Offset head and brass hex washer.

Hold Down Snap Clamps (QLSND)

One-touch snap clamp. Positive clamping in one smooth operation

Horizontal Thrust Clamps (QLRC)

Push the bar through the center of clamping body until contact is made with the workpiece.

Horizontal Toggle Clamps with Flat Base (05900)

Plastic handle with steel or stainless steel body. With or without safety lock.

ID Expansion Clamps

Hold internal diameters from under 3/16” to over 4”. Ideal for variations in inside diameter.

ID Wedge Clamps (CP130)

Diameters expand from 19.5 mm up to 36 mm. Ideal for variations in inside diameter.

Knife Edge Cam Clamps

Low profile cam clamp.

Kopal Clamps & Stops

Swivel & raised stops. Low profile or mini cam clamps.

Machinable Pit Bull Clamps

Heat treated tool steel.

Mini Cam Toe Clamps (QLSCL)

With or without handle.

Mini Hold Down Snap Clamps (QLSNDM)

Steel with black oxide or nickel-plated finish, or stainless steel.

Mini ID Holding Clamps (CP131)

Diameters expand from 8 mm up to 22 mm. Tightening hex screw expands the jaws outward and downward.

Mini Side & Toe Clamps (CP133, CP134)

Low profile and small size for more parts per setup.

Mini Swing Clamps with Adjustable Handle (QLSWC-K)

Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

Mini Swing Clamps with Cam Handle (QLSWC)

Black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Mini Swing Clamps with Standard Handle (QLSWC)

Black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Mini Wedge Clamps (CP132)

Clamps two workpieces against fixed stops. Countersunk head screw or socket head cap screw.

OD Holding Clamps (CP120)

For 65 and 90 mm diameter jaws. Aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit the workpiece.

OD/ID Holding Clamps (CP125)

For 65, 90, 120 and 160 diameter jaws. Aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit the workpiece.

Pneumatic OD Holding Clamps (AMCH-W)

For 65 and 90 mm diameter jaws. Aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit the workpiece.

Pneumatic Pull Clamps (AMWPD)

Pull clamp, clamping pin, clamping screw.

Pneumatic Swing Clamps (AMWSW)

Standard, rod, thread detecting ports or gasket detecting ports.

Push Block Clamps with Cap Screw

Use push block clamp with V-pad to clamp round workpieces.

Push Type Snap Clamps (QLSNS)

Snap-on system provides uniform and positive clamping in one smooth operation.

Quick Acting Swing Clamps (PTSW1)

Torque wrench or removable handle activates clamping.

Recessed Mount Hook Clamps (BJ130)

Used with hook clamp holder or installed in blocks.

Retractable Clamps (QLRE)

One-Touch miniature clamp with cam handle.

Retractable Clamps with Adjustable Handle (QLRE)

One-Touch miniature clamp with adjustable handle.

Round OD Holding Clamps (CP123)

Aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit contoured or odd shaped parts.

Single Jaw Side Clamps (CP101)

For smaller clamping spaces.

Spiral Cam Clamps (BJ161)

Positive locking side clamp.

Square OD Holding Clamps (CP124)

Aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit contoured or odd shaped parts.

Standard Pull Clamps (QLPD)

Clamping Force: 200 to 500 lbs. Clamp bodies, pins, screws. With or without handle.

Standard Push Clamps (QLPU)

With or without handle.

Standard Swing Clamps (QLSW)

One-Touch standard duty clamp. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

System S Cam Clamps

Complete cam system set. Separate components available.

T-Slot Mount Cam Clamps

Brass hex, steel body. Locks into machine T-slot.

Uniforce Wedge Clamps

Steel wedge spreads clamping force uniformly on both sides.

Uniforce Wedge Clamps, Machinable

Machinable jaws. Steel wedge spreads clamping force uniformly on both sides.

Vertical Thrust Clamps (QLRCF)

Light or heavy duty. Clockwise or counterclockwise clamping.

Wedge Clamps (VF)

Smooth, serrated or machinable jaws.

Wide Jaw Side Clamps (CP102)

1.5 degrees jaw swivel from center to allow for clamping on uneven surfaces.